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[24 Sep 2009|04:44pm]
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trees pop out of no-where....So do eyeballs. [12 Sep 2004|11:48pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Today was such an awesomeus day! Work was fun fun fun. I got there And started getting trouble rite away tsk tsk. We put Zinc onout arms/shoulders (that white stuff on a lifeguards nose...thats what it looks like when its rubbed in. It real thick.REAL thick) So We had Pink Zinc,And decided to put it on us. I had a Sun,Josh Byers had a Star And Nicole had a Moon. It was so awesomeus! But then we got in trouble and had to run it in...lol...our arems were Pink.the entire thing. I told people that asked I was dieing And It was a strange disease. Or a new undiscovered form of aids.lol.
Beside most of the day being chill I had a few scares. There was a stalker guy that was video taping female guards...gross. And then was a scare. Like a big scare
I was on guard at the bottom of one of our attractions, old man ( the really tall red and yellow body slides) And This kid comes out of the slide screaming bloody murder.AHHHHHHHHHHH! I thought maybe he was just scared....But then he comes to a halt and stands up. And he's hold his hands over his right eye and he's crunched over. Still screaming. But now screaming "Oh my god. Oh my god. My eye. My eye. Oh my god." So I sprint over to him.And everybody is looking .Hes about 10 years old. maybe 12. Freaking out. And he wont let me move his hand to see whats wrong. . . His mom is hysterical. Screaming . "oh my god. Mathew. oh my god." . . . She's not helping the cause. Im trying to calm her down,calm him down and think of eye-First aid. I try to remember what to do If somebody's eye pops out. Or if somebodys eye is cut open. I cant remember anything. Im starting to worry. Other guards are looking over and become involved in the scene. I start to reach for my whistle to activate the Emergancy Medical System. (for serious things like this)But I stay with the kid and decide to do all i can for him first. . .I don't even put my gloves on. I forgot to. i pry his hands off his eye. To try to see how horrible. I can imagine in the back of my head how grusome its going to be. . . The goosebumps on my body are overwhelming. I take his hand off. I look at his eye. . .I see it looking back at me. Red. but still able to see. I saw some excess water come out of his eye. just water that had gone into his eye socket. . .he just had water in his eye. :shocked: i wanted to smack the kid. he gave me a heart attck..and all the other guards.lol. jeez.
Closing was th best part of the day. lol. Me and tan talked to sara about Homeless people. She really cares about them. buys them lunch everytime she sees one. Im sorry! but If you were homeless would you want dome stranger eating lunch with you? I would . no thank you. So we were giving everybody trash can bags. saying "free homes. Shelter for the nite" Sara was getting mad. lol. We Had a big trash can dumpster,called a "rubber-Maid" and we were cleaning the trash cans by the wave pool. THE TEMPTATION WAS KILLING ME! the wave pool has slope next to it. So all the water stays in. ... Wouldnt it be horrible if I accidently ...let go... of the rubber maid. And it went into the wave pool? LMAO!:-D that was some funny shit. Everybody was cracking up. tan was on the floor dyeing of laughter.
Oh and how could i forget the climax of the day?!?!?I ran into a tree lol. Erin came to the park to visit and i was late from a break. And she was talking to me. And I was running the opposite direction as her...but still looking back at her. And I turn forward.And there is a tree right there. *SMACK*Erin was craking up .The Shiftleaders were cracking up. The other guards were cracking up. lol. It was so horrible.lol.
Well i hope you enjoyed that. that was a fraction of my day . I have a SP ENGILSH TESt tommarrow! ahh! so uncool. Thats as cool as death valley.ugh.


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Laughter filled the air...but the tears were somehow heard louder... [20 Aug 2004|11:48am]
[ mood | sad ]

Wow I really have been abusing this thing huh? I never update..Poor puppy! Anyways...

The DUckys

One of the funnest nights thats I have had in a while.I really needed it. It was for my work...And it was kinda like the Emmys...Only for Lifeguards. But everybody dressed teh same..Big flaunty dresses ... As if this was a huge night that had been prepared for all summer. And it sorta was. They had a countdown to it. And everytime that you walked into work...or left work...you were reminded of it.And it was really cool.

I showed up...In all black and a pink tie.Sexy, no? but then this one guy tried to copy me...and even during the awards ceremony we sat right next to each other.lol. I was like the poparazzi. I was flashing pictures everywhere. And not to mention that..a normal camera does one flash when a picture is taken...not mine...mine does like 10. seriously..its horrible.lol. Well the night was great. Me and Kevin walked Nina in..She was quite the pimpette. (Im going to try not to name names because i know nobody on this knows them :-D) And the nite went. On. I won the award "Perfect Employee". Once again,something to prove that i am truly perfect. :-D ;-) . Ill try to post pictures on this as soon as I develope them ...which should be today. The night followed with our hugs and our shared memorys of all the great times we shared..and how we never wanted this nite to end. The tears began to flow in peoples eyes... They smiled because it happened and cried because it was over...knowing in the back of their heads that they will not see many of these poeple for quite some time...or never. As hard as that may be to say... But its true. Remie. Is going into the army. All the sudden with no warning. So this was my last night seeing her. until later. And then theres sergio.A truly amazing guy... he promised everybody not to be sad or anything because he would soon be back...from Indiana. he left all his prized possesions with his friends...and caried all he could fit onto the bus he was taking...Photos were left behind also. He sai it was not so much of him givingthem away. As of his friends....simpy holding them for him. Until he returns. he promised he would be back during teh winter and next summer. To return to the old job he had loved, and to the friends he had loved even more. even though alot of those friends will not be there next year. Alot people are leaving and notcoming back. And even sergio admitted..that he doubts that he will be able to come back as he promised...money is an issue. The Night was ultimately filled with laughs...That seemed to fill the air. But tears also filled the night which somehow, seemed to be louder. The night was great and I wouldnt trade for anything.It was truly amazing.~Rich

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Its almost over! [22 Jul 2004|09:43pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Oh my greatness!Ssummer is almost over!It just started...I can soo wait until school this year. I was supposed to read like 3500 pages of literature for AP English. Guess how much I've read so far....anybody?Anybody? yup! none*sigh* Im so busy with work and School and Practice and trying to stay sexy...its so hard. *tear* lol. well relationship wise im not looking to good. Im going through a heartbreak rightnow. *sigh* Anyways. My day went fine. Got to school late. We did basicly nothing.We watched Ferris Buelers day off. Good movie...Dragon Express with Frank and Jhonny.lmao.good times. Eric and Anne were following..and Eric cool and all ....but anne isnt. So they were coming to eat where we were ....and im thinking to myself "this is unnacceptable" lol jk. And so I find a way to lock the reastraunt door...and they were locked out.lmao. i was so funny...and then Anne gave us all the evil eye. And then later on in teh day she said I was like talking shit....*sigh* I swear she is like the Queen gossiper. Anyways...Practic went on. Got home...Went to the gym for 5 1/2 hours...i saw Thuy and Jason Digoia (sp?) there. I kinda stared at him fr a second...and was like....Am I supposed to know you? I hink I know you from somewhere...and he knew who i was right away. Hey, who could fort a face like this? ;-)Well that was my day in a nutshell.Sorry I havent updated in forever and 2 hours 32 minutes...Oh...tell everybody that... no,I am not dead.~Rich

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[28 Jun 2004|06:18pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Omg...The funniest thing happened yesterday.But you'll have to read about it in this convo. Between me and kayla. Its got some good laughs but tackles a more serious topic thats kinda being lead up throughout the convo...I was going to say a whole long paragrapgh... about it

AxFxIxfanatic: hola
CoasterFreak4Eva: chello my fellow
AxFxIxfanatic: how are you doing this fine day?
CoasterFreak4Eva: why...on this magnificiently fine day....
CoasterFreak4Eva: i am magnificiently fine!
AxFxIxfanatic: that is very good!
CoasterFreak4Eva: hum shye cho!
CoasterFreak4Eva: and what about you
CoasterFreak4Eva: ma''am?
AxFxIxfanatic: im am doing great today
AxFxIxfanatic: so ...... how was ss?
CoasterFreak4Eva: i din go
AxFxIxfanatic: ahh i c
AxFxIxfanatic: fun
CoasterFreak4Eva: i felt like being ...
CoasterFreak4Eva: naughty
AxFxIxfanatic: ooo and you are
CoasterFreak4Eva: but i couldnt find you anywhere
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: so i just figured this was the next best thing
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: :-\
AxFxIxfanatic: thank you
AxFxIxfanatic: i guess
CoasterFreak4Eva: anytime
CoasterFreak4Eva: :-Dlol
CoasterFreak4Eva: :-DMines bigger!
CoasterFreak4Eva: lol
AxFxIxfanatic: lol.... bigger than what???
CoasterFreak4Eva: yours!
AxFxIxfanatic: of course it is! lol
AxFxIxfanatic: have you seen donnie darko?
CoasterFreak4Eva: donna wh?
AxFxIxfanatic: its a movie.. i guess you havent seen it
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: ...yes lo
CoasterFreak4Eva: l
AxFxIxfanatic: well you should see it... it is a thinker
AxFxIxfanatic: you have to think to get it
AxFxIxfanatic: it is great
CoasterFreak4Eva: well i guess you didnt do too grat thn did ya'?
AxFxIxfanatic: actually i did. i was suprised my self
CoasterFreak4Eva: lol jk
AxFxIxfanatic: sure...
CoasterFreak4Eva: we need to see it
CoasterFreak4Eva: accent on the we
CoasterFreak4Eva: :-D
CoasterFreak4Eva: kayla!!
AxFxIxfanatic: richard!!
CoasterFreak4Eva: i vanna do rifle
CoasterFreak4Eva: i vanna do it reeeeel bad
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
AxFxIxfanatic: rifle?? srry im ...slow
CoasterFreak4Eva: p....
CoasterFreak4Eva: ....a
CoasterFreak4Eva: .......g
CoasterFreak4Eva: .........e
CoasterFreak4Eva: ...........n
CoasterFreak4Eva: ..........t
CoasterFreak4Eva: .........r
AxFxIxfanatic: o ok
CoasterFreak4Eva: .........y
AxFxIxfanatic: srry
AxFxIxfanatic: then do it
CoasterFreak4Eva: hey you din let me finish
CoasterFreak4Eva: no
AxFxIxfanatic: ok you can do it again
CoasterFreak4Eva: you understand
AxFxIxfanatic: y not
CoasterFreak4Eva: i vanna do it
CoasterFreak4Eva: but i vanna be
CoasterFreak4Eva: good
AxFxIxfanatic: i bet you are
AxFxIxfanatic: who told you you werent
AxFxIxfanatic: ?
CoasterFreak4Eva: ......*looks at ground* :-\
CoasterFreak4Eva: :-(me
AxFxIxfanatic: oooooo...dont be so down on yourself
CoasterFreak4Eva: omg NO!
AxFxIxfanatic: i bet you are better than you think
CoasterFreak4Eva: you dont understand
CoasterFreak4Eva: your not undertanding!!
CoasterFreak4Eva: im good at flag
AxFxIxfanatic: yesq
CoasterFreak4Eva: im better at sabre
CoasterFreak4Eva: way
CoasterFreak4Eva: better
CoasterFreak4Eva: but i suck nipples on rifle
AxFxIxfanatic: practice..
CoasterFreak4Eva: ...
CoasterFreak4Eva: i did once
CoasterFreak4Eva: and it went bad
AxFxIxfanatic: but
AxFxIxfanatic: how
CoasterFreak4Eva: :'(
CoasterFreak4Eva: i broke a nail
CoasterFreak4Eva: seriously
AxFxIxfanatic: well it got better didnt it
CoasterFreak4Eva: and it hurt like tha dickens
CoasterFreak4Eva: ...so...its still bloody and hanging on by a thread!
AxFxIxfanatic: i bet it did but dont let it scare you away from doing what you want
CoasterFreak4Eva: no*
AxFxIxfanatic: o i c
CoasterFreak4Eva: o hell yes it did
CoasterFreak4Eva: anyways
CoasterFreak4Eva: i saw this guy
CoasterFreak4Eva: and he was doing rifle
CoasterFreak4Eva: for Pacific Crest Drum and Buegle corps
CoasterFreak4Eva: You know what im talking about?
AxFxIxfanatic: i think so
CoasterFreak4Eva: mr. Belskis other band
CoasterFreak4Eva: and all the instructors
CoasterFreak4Eva: where they all teach
CoasterFreak4Eva: xcept ponco
CoasterFreak4Eva: and some otheres
AxFxIxfanatic: mmhmm
CoasterFreak4Eva: anyways
CoasterFreak4Eva: yeah
CoasterFreak4Eva: so there was this huge moment
CoasterFreak4Eva: and the music was getting bigger
CoasterFreak4Eva: and the flags were twirling faster and higher
CoasterFreak4Eva: and everybody was marching faster
AxFxIxfanatic: i get the point lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: and everybody in the audience was on the edge of their seat
AxFxIxfanatic: yea
CoasterFreak4Eva: and it gets bigger
CoasterFreak4Eva: and bigger
AxFxIxfanatic: ....
CoasterFreak4Eva: and bigger
CoasterFreak4Eva: and bigger
CoasterFreak4Eva: and bigger
AxFxIxfanatic: o mg and bigger????
CoasterFreak4Eva: ....and bigger...
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: An then all the suddn the music stops
CoasterFreak4Eva: all the flags are out of sight
CoasterFreak4Eva: the players have come to a hault
CoasterFreak4Eva: and this one guy is in the center of the field
CoasterFreak4Eva: and he throws this rifle
AxFxIxfanatic: :on edge of seat:
AxFxIxfanatic: wat happens
AxFxIxfanatic: ?
CoasterFreak4Eva: at least 50 feet in the air
AxFxIxfanatic: whoa
AxFxIxfanatic: that is crazy
CoasterFreak4Eva: a least
CoasterFreak4Eva: everybody in the audience was looking up
CoasterFreak4Eva: at the rifle
CoasterFreak4Eva: and some were looking at him
CoasterFreak4Eva: thinking how in the world is he going to catch that shit
CoasterFreak4Eva: ?!?!!?
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: and the audience is completely silent
AxFxIxfanatic: ...
CoasterFreak4Eva: and towards the rifle meets the climax point...
CoasterFreak4Eva: i scream
CoasterFreak4Eva: HOLY SHIT!
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: LMFAO!
AxFxIxfanatic: ahahahaha
CoasterFreak4Eva: And everybdy turns around and looks at me
AxFxIxfanatic: in dead silence?
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: YES!!!
CoasterFreak4Eva: THE DEAD SILENCE!!
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
AxFxIxfanatic: lmao
CoasterFreak4Eva: omg..kayla you had to be there
AxFxIxfanatic: i wish i was
CoasterFreak4Eva: it was so fucking hilarious
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: i was soooooooRED
CoasterFreak4Eva: omg
CoasterFreak4Eva: but anyways
AxFxIxfanatic: just thinking about it hilarious....
CoasterFreak4Eva: the rifle me down
CoasterFreak4Eva: came*
CoasterFreak4Eva: and he catches it
CoasterFreak4Eva: with ease
CoasterFreak4Eva: like it was nothing
AxFxIxfanatic: that is awsome
CoasterFreak4Eva: and then as soon as the rifle touches his gloves
CoasterFreak4Eva: the band plays their last note
CoasterFreak4Eva: ya know?
AxFxIxfanatic: yea
CoasterFreak4Eva: and i was just thinking to myself.....
CoasterFreak4Eva: besides the act that i cant believe that i blurted that out
CoasterFreak4Eva: ...
CoasterFreak4Eva: i wanna be that guy
AxFxIxfanatic: lol...
AxFxIxfanatic: yea then do it
AxFxIxfanatic: you can
AxFxIxfanatic: youre great at everything you do it seems like

CoasterFreak4Eva: lol
AxFxIxfanatic: there is no doubt in my mind you couldnt do
AxFxIxfanatic: i think i said that rite

AxFxIxfanatic: lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: hell theres doubts in my mind
CoasterFreak4Eva: i mean...
CoasterFreak4Eva: wht if there a kid in the audience that does the same exact thing that i did
CoasterFreak4Eva: and i lose focus and look at him
CoasterFreak4Eva: and then the rifle kills me?
CoasterFreak4Eva: lol
AxFxIxfanatic: feel flattered and try to keep a straight face... and dont look away from it ..lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: and anyways
CoasterFreak4Eva: after the show
CoasterFreak4Eva: i tlked to him
CoasterFreak4Eva: and we had a nice convo
CoasterFreak4Eva: and we talked about how he did it for so long
CoasterFreak4Eva: and how he practiced all the time
AxFxIxfanatic: yea
CoasterFreak4Eva: and then ...he hit on me..:-\
CoasterFreak4Eva: nyways
CoasterFreak4Eva: lol
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
AxFxIxfanatic: well see.... he had to practice alot..
CoasterFreak4Eva: yeah
CoasterFreak4Eva: and he said he would like travel over a open area
CoasterFreak4Eva: to practice
CoasterFreak4Eva: and this guy was buff
CoasterFreak4Eva: and he said he trained nd practiced everyday
AxFxIxfanatic: he ment business then
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: yes
CoasterFreak4Eva: yes he did
CoasterFreak4Eva: lol
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: but he seemed real strait
CoasterFreak4Eva: until he hit on me
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: neways
CoasterFreak4Eva: we talked about how he did pag. in school
CoasterFreak4Eva: and how people kinda made fun of him
AxFxIxfanatic: yea
CoasterFreak4Eva: and outcasted him
AxFxIxfanatic: that sucks
CoasterFreak4Eva: (oh thanx! thats te inspiration i need)
AxFxIxfanatic: but ya know wat ..... it doesnt matter because ill never treat you like an outcast
AxFxIxfanatic: brb
CoasterFreak4Eva: eh...
CoasterFreak4Eva: but he said that he kinda regreted it
CoasterFreak4Eva: because he was teh star player of the footbal team
CoasterFreak4Eva: and well liked
CoasterFreak4Eva: and then his reputation was ruined...:-\
CoasterFreak4Eva: poor guy
AxFxIxfanatic: bak... yea
CoasterFreak4Eva: k
AxFxIxfanatic: well yea that sux he regreted it but he is great now
AxFxIxfanatic: it has prolly made him a better person through it
AxFxIxfanatic: * going through it
CoasterFreak4Eva: and the truly amazingt part to me..was that he was litteraly sprinting across the field and he ran about half the field in like 10 seonds.....and came to a complete stop as son as possible and threw it into the air....and as high as it went...and he must have been tired...and to still do it that well...because the whole show was "the danger zone" or something likethat...And it had this one dead girl that was just laying in the center of the field .
CoasterFreak4Eva: ..in the "i was just killed" position...and then she kept showing up around different spots of the show...which was a really cool effect...but it had the pageanty who was trying to escape death...and it had various people sprinting at different times of the show...and that was his turn torun...right before his huge solo...(thats gotta suck) ...and ater on he eventually was the final runner that ran after the huge finnaly....damn that guy was fast...anyways...yeah i think it made him stronger in a
CoasterFreak4Eva: few ways...but ....hurt him more that it helped...
CoasterFreak4Eva: ya know?
AxFxIxfanatic: well maybe.. but i still think you should do it
CoasterFreak4Eva: even though...in the long run...it hurts me more than it helps me?
CoasterFreak4Eva: thanx kayla!!
CoasterFreak4Eva: lol
AxFxIxfanatic: i dont think it will
AxFxIxfanatic: lol
CoasterFreak4Eva: and your not in his shoes
CoasterFreak4Eva: :-)
AxFxIxfanatic: turue
AxFxIxfanatic: *true

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Excuse me...ma'am?I think.... [26 Jun 2004|03:47pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Yesterday, I went to the gym.For 8 Hours. I saw friends that I didnt know had a pass. I still feel fat.

The funniest thing happened the other day. I was in Wal-Mart the other day, with my cousin. And we were in the food isle as this fat lady passed by.At least my cousin thought it was a lady. I could have sworn it was a man. So we followed it around... And I was like.."look..the boobs are soo just excess fat." And shes like. "No...They're real!..so shes a little ugly...dont pick on her for it!" "A little?! If that is a girl then..that is NOT just a tad bit ugly...I could look her up in the dictionary...and see her picture in there...." Well then she dared me.."Fine If you thinks its a man...you can just go up to HIM and ask him...are you a man or a woman As Im just staring at her....thinking to myself is she serious??Should I do it? I mean, its a tad bit mean ya dont ya think? Well at least if it is a girl...but otherwise i guess it okay... "Fine..I will" So I follow her down to the next isle.. And plain and simple ask her..."excuse me...uhh....ma'am? I think...Anyways...Are you a Man or a Woman?" And then she she put her hands over her mouth in disgust...And said "Oh my!" In this deep manly,yet gay voice.LMAO! MUAH ha ha ha! i won! yet I kinda felt a little bad afterwards...Im such a horrible person... Latez.~Rich

At least I think it was a man...*ponders*

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He made Forest Gump look like his Evil Twin [24 Jun 2004|11:16pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Hey everybody.I always thought that summer was a time to relax from that long school year that you have just finished...In fact, that is the correct situation in most cases. But as in with many other things ...I so not fit in with "most cases". My summer is so god damn stressful...And i get stressed out maybe like,once a millenium.Okay,well thats a little exagerated. Thats way too many times for a guy like me to get stressed out. But i am. And its strange. Well anyways,
Tuesday I went to work.Sorted out a couple of things.. blah blah blah. But i would even bring this up,except that I met this guy there. He was like one of those guys that you meet once in a lifetime.He made Forest Gump look like an evil twin. This guy dosent even know what a sin is. And he is sitting here on this bench. With his bag of goodys (he was out of state) and he was just sitting there.Smiling as the people went passed. And said hello to various people. Even though, afetr he said it, most of the people there just faked a grin and kept walking or just plain out disrespected him.And all he was foing was being good.Well i had a long conversation with this guy.And why he was at a themepark by himself. OH! and what he was wearing was a trip! He was wearing dress pants,black dress socks,dress shoes :shocked: ...dress shirt, cleancut and everything. And he just sitting in there.Smiling into the air. When I had asked about his attire he simply replied "well everybody likes to look good,dont they?" With a stereotypical southern/forest Gump accent. I swear though. this guy made Forest gump look like a bad guy if he were to sit nxt to him.And Im just looking at him...thinking to myself...do you have a tv?A Radio?Do you even know what they are? :whatevah: ...anyways changing the subject. Savanna Water Polo Beats La Mirada 17-3. It was so awesome. It was my first water polo game ever. I was so confused.but it was fun. I told everybody that i am strictly NOT a water polo player..I am a swimmer. Well I dont know if i'm gonna keep that promise this year.Oh well. 2 of my three shots were blocked. but you know what that means right? I made one! MUAH HA HA! lol. :-D:pleased: lol.it was so awesome. so I dont know what im gonna do know...moving on.
Wednesday I made Burritos. About 100-150 of them. Th kind that have been in our family for that past 20 generations. Its a family recipe that secret. A company wanted to buy it years ago...but we turned their asses DOWN! lol. very top secret stuff...i shouldnt even be telling you this :-)
Thursday I went to summer school.I got a passing grade that I wasnt to happy with...so i decided to do summmer schol. But the awesome thing is that I got my Water Polo Coach as my teacher!! Is that awesome or what? We arent going to have any homework at all the entire time.AWESOME! and all we have done so far is...color two maps...and talk about how my friend went to the beach and snapped his board.And thats all we did! we just talked pretty much!And he said there will be no Tests or quizes either!! *melts*:stunned: Well I saw Jhonny at break.Things got all emotional. I havent seen him in so long. lke 2 weeks..it brought tears to my eyes. We did this like slow motion/baywatch hug in the middle of the uad and everybody was looking at us.LMAO! But its okay cuz, We cool.We cool like dat! :cool:Asta Luego~Rich

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[21 Jun 2004|12:37pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Hey everybody.i just fixed my computer. Hence the update of my journal. I missed my computer so much...It was eating me...like this> *chomp*. yes. well over the past two weeks...soo many things have happened and I didnt have my computer to say a thing...School got out.I got two jobs.I quit one. A close death of a loved family member that was seemed to be forgotten about. healing of my lip. getting caught by the cops. trying to keep secrets. an urge to quit my other job. all of this and still maintaining myself. which isnt as easy as some would think. well im not going to go into detail...because im not in the mood. maybe another day. Well this conversation just interested me...Latez~Rich

BITTENxHEART: whats your middle name rich?
CoasterFreak4Eva: flaskheneurd
CoasterFreak4Eva: why?
CoasterFreak4Eva: what about you,marie?
CoasterFreak4Eva: yep what?
BITTENxHEART: thats mine,.,, marie
CoasterFreak4Eva: mary?
CoasterFreak4Eva: like the calendars?
BITTENxHEART: not mary... not like jesus's mother... like marie calenders.... yes... like that
CoasterFreak4Eva: oh the tv dinner!
BITTENxHEART: and the resterant
CoasterFreak4Eva: oh the tv dinner!
CoasterFreak4Eva: oh the tv dinner!
BITTENxHEART: no not like the tv dinner... im not quick and easy... and come with a plastic cover that you poke befor heating;... more like the resterant... sit down and enjoy your self...
CoasterFreak4Eva: oh the tv dinner!
CoasterFreak4Eva: oh the tv dinner!
CoasterFreak4Eva: mmmm..ass flavor!
CoasterFreak4Eva: ...
BITTENxHEART: thats to small for me to sight
CoasterFreak4Eva: oh the tv dinner!
CoasterFreak4Eva: oh
CoasterFreak4Eva: ur so confusing marie
CoasterFreak4Eva: just like the tv dinner!!!
CoasterFreak4Eva: how many minutes do i put it in for? what do i remove the plastic or do i poke the corn take off the peas covering and leave the plastic on for the meat?
BITTENxHEART: leave the plastic on the meat please

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[07 Jun 2004|09:07pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Hey.I had my surgery today.I feel a little better now...It still hurts though.I had like 13486 stitches put in.So they are like scratching against my gums and my teeth.it bugs.And My diet consists of Yogurt,pudding,saltwater(gross i know),bread,and Bree.I mean...Bananas.
I got to the Hospital at around 7:30 and ended up leaving at like 9:50.Most of that time was pretty much waiting in the room where You do your waiting needs..uhh.... what was that place called again? anyways.When I did get called in the asked me the average questions,Took my blood pressure.And Injected this stuff into my lip that leterally made my lip swell about 5x the size.I could see my own lip.Is that natural? Anyways.They numbed it and even though I could feel the knife cutting in when it was a deep cut ...I didnt say anything.I just squeezed the side of the bed and squinted.I just didnt want to be stabbed by that needle one more time.So anyways after the nice relaxing cutting they started to seel up...or ....Cut off the Bleeding...with this instrument called a Terbachulator. And what it does is it litteraly burns you skin. Like how you burn the end of a rope so the end dosen't come undone. they did that with my lip. If you have never smelt your flesh burning for 10 minutes.I don't recomend it. All i could do was lie there.As they burn my flesh...and the smell went imediatly into my nose.What a day without burning flesh in the morning? So after that they stiched up with 13486 stitches.and now...here i am.Swelled up lip. Empty stomach.And a slightly sunburned back. But Im glad that I got it all done. Its way worth the pain.Latez~Rich

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[05 Jun 2004|03:50pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Oh My fucking god.I just wrote a whole damn post.And it was all erased. I pushed "update journal" and the comp froze. i want to kill my compouter. So Im going to write it all over again. but much shorter. Band Banquet was on Wednesday night. It was fun. Last night was the star dance.Which was even funner. If you didnt go you seriously missed out. I learned that some people can REALLY dance. Like kayla. Damn girl! Anyways. the food there wasnt that good. they had this Solaud stuff there that was the best tasting thing there.My mellissa called it "salad"....but i didnt know what she was talking about. I got home at around Midnight.And I woke up at around 2PM today. I needed that Sleep BADLY! Im soo stressed out with school. but the worst is yet to come. ahh.o well.I want to go to a club with a group of people tat I do know.And dance with people that I dont know. ahh that would be great. But when to do it.Well I must be going.the gym is calling my name.Latez.~Rich
upcoming events:
Im going to Raging Waters in: 1 day
I'm having surgery in: 2 days
Savanna High school graduation in: 9 days
Last day of school in: 10 days
First Day of Summer: 11 days
Olympics Opening ceremony in: 70 days
First day of school in: 96 days
Halloween in: 148 days
Thanks Giving in: 173 days
Christmas in 203 days
New Years in: 210 days
My Birthday im: 355 days
This day in exactly one year in: 365 days

Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:Agent Orange
Your Favorite Target:School-children
Your Kill Count:140,851,203
Your Battle Cry:"Touch me, I'm happy!"
Years You Spend in Jail:7
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$118,868,840,161,372
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 61%
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Bondage Bear
Bondage Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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My inner child is sixteen years old today

My inner child is sixteen years old!

Life's not fair! It's never been fair, but while
adults might just accept that, I know
something's gotta change. And it's gonna
change, just as soon as I become an adult and
get some power of my own.

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Blue info
Your Heart is Blue

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Its the true things that are the saddest..And yet the guessing game just goes on..with nobody winning the jackpot....Latez~Rich :-(

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[31 May 2004|10:09pm]
title or description

title or description

title or description
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[31 May 2004|10:29am]
What Color is Your Brain?

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These things always get me head on...
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[29 May 2004|11:59pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Hey Everybody.Im bored.I joined alot of comunities And plan on joining some more.And Im thinking that....Livejournal really isnt that bad. *gasp* Yeah Yeah I know.Anyways On Other news.Sorry for neglecting this for a week.Im just do stressed out with school.Im ready for summer allready.And what I just found out today.I dont know If I will be working this summer.Because alot of people tried out for the job and They are reconsidering me.WOAH!=0.So that REALLY sucks.So Im not sure.On other news, My throat is really sore.Im suspecting strep Throat personaly.And If I do,then I cant have my opperation Next week.*sigh*Such is my life,right? Anyways Im going to see the day after tomarrow,the day after today. It should be fun.It will be the highlight of my weekend.lol.Im getting fat by the way.Cause swim is over.And Im even skipping h20 polo practice.Oh well.Off to the gym I go.Latez~Rich

you are on of these kids who listens to screamo and
grind. some of it is good, but some is just
shit. a band can hit a chord and you think its
a masterpiece. its garbage for th emost part.
its a million mile an hour bull shit. stop
flailing your hands at show's cause you look
like a fucking idiot.

what kind of asshole scene kid are you?
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My Birthday [23 May 2004|11:23pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

I started off the day by waking up early in the morning to go to Norms.Good food! I went with my Aunt and My grandma.It was fun.Although It was somewhat emberassing. i was sung to in the middle of the entire reastraunt. it sucked.lol. And then on the way out I saw my water polo coach.We stopped at wal-mart on the way home.Then when we did eventually get home Mym mom came out and gave me a big hug and she walked me inside.And I helped her make kool-aid.And then she called me out side,telling me to help her get the ice from my grandma's house.So I walk into the backyard.And This bag of confetti was thrown at me .It missed.Hit the door.lol.And then I look up.And I see jeny.And I see Jhonny.And ellen.And Jurl.And Vicky.And Im just in shock.Whats going on? And then they all yell "SUPRISE" ...omg.Those hoe bags.And this was all going on behind my back.The day was cool.I was nice.We watched Band videos.lol.And I hae to say:the highlite of the party was the Countdown of the TV.LMAO. wow.You definiatly had to be there for that one. There were 40 people invited. Like 20 showed up. They were all from band.lol. If you weren't invited sorry.It wasnt my fault.I (obviously) didn't do invitations.Blame Jurl. And then again the whole party wouldn't have been possible without jurl.After a while I started to put the clues together.And I realized...why everyboidy was doing what they were doing.But I had never really put the pieces together.Oh well.it was really cool.And I would like to thank everybody who came.And Soory to all the people that were not able to.After the party We (Mellissa,Jurl,Danielle,Kelly,Joseph,Kayla And I) went to the movies.We saw 13 goingon 30.I thought it was going to suck.But It was actually a good movie.lol.I'm gonna teach everybody how to do the thriller dance.lol.That was so much fun. Danielle slipped me these "Mints" No.they were drugs.Danielle Drugged me. And I was so dizzy. I was trying so hard to stay concious.But everything was blurry.And I couldnt walk a strait line. I dont know what was wrong with me. But the day was great. I loved it.thanx to all.Latez~Rich

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The Next Time you see me I'll have 36 D's [22 May 2004|10:58pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey Everybody.I feel like I broke my left hand.Damn water polo.I hope its not broken....HOW CAN I PLAY BASS CLEF IN PIANO WITHOUT MY LEFT HAND!?...Hmmm...Anyways. Hey guys wanna know what? Im getting plastic surgery.yup. Crazy i know. And I'm the one that hates fake people.lol. Yeah so I went to see a plastic Surgeon On wednesday. And it's official.the next time you see me I'm gonna have some tig ol bitties. Like 36 D's~! lol. Actully I'm going to have surgery on my lip. And I'm gonna get lard put in it.So I can look like a hooker! YES~my dream is finnaly coming true!lol. Actually they are gonna be taking out of my lip.And what totaly sucks is that I have to be COMPLETELY out of the water, No Polo,No Swim,No excercise,No Flute,No hard food. Damn Im gonna be damn fat.But I can care less about what the surgeon says...I'm gonna get in the water.Just no polo. Because it's kinda my job to get in the water...So Im going under the knife June 7th.Isnt that great? The last days that everybody sees me Im gonna have a huge ass lip.lol.....The Doc. said it should be swelled two-three times its regular size() for at LEAST three weeks. uggh.But what can I do? Its an infection that I don't know how I got. the doctor says that it could have been from kissing or from sharing sodas. (so its one of your guys' fault...) Oh well. Such is my luck.But I guess it could be worse.Like .... I dont know..maybe my arm could have been sawed off.That is a tad bit worse I do say old chap!.......Well Nothing going on too much. I should be at prom right now..At I least I have something to look forward to. Its One hour and eight minutes until my birthday! MUAH! happy birthday myself!Oh why thank you very little me!Any time bitch. Latez.~Rich

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The Truth Hurts...And Im in a world of pain [18 May 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | blank ]

hey everybody.The stress is starting to wear off now...No it's not gone.Well I just signed up for my schedule next year...And It's gonna be:(In No Order)

0.Marching Band

1.Honors English*

2.Honors Chemistry

3.Spanish 2

4.Wind Ensymble

5.Honors History*

6.Geometry (yes...sad I know)

7.Water Polo/Swim

*Im taking honors Because teher are NO AP classes in these courses!...jeny..

Anyways...Beside my pathetic schedule...I NEED to get at least a 4.0 next year.It's not even an option.My GPa is so God damn [embarrassingly] low. And I want to graduate with a 4.1.SO I need to get working. Well Other things going on in life. Such as: Prom:

I am not going with anybody.And Im sad and mad at the same time....But then again...at the same time....sorry...to those I had plans on going with. I was asked by 5 people to prom. 3 different schools.I wanted to go soo bad. But I couldn't. Not a single one.The reason? $. We don't have eneough money for two people in this family to go to prom. So my brother is going...instead of me...Which I guess is fine.It's his senior year. My sophmore year.I just really wanted to go.But its the way he's going.Its like he thinks money grows on trees and can be so careless about the people around him...He just wants money...and dosent get it...GET A JOB!!!..yes I had my job before he did...and he's 2 years older..,..Im not going to go into detail...Because then I would be here all day talking.Moving on...

Today was a good day.I got new clothes.And a new hair cut. I got many reviews such as "You look cute." "You look hot"<Most heard "You look hott...er!" "Is it hot in here...Or is just you?" <My personal fav. "DAMN!" But some weren't so great : "Hey Brandon Harris!" <Im gonna kill you Jhonny. "Get out of here Richard imposter!Where's the real Richard!" lol. Thanx everyone! Make me feel reeel good But the one that stood out to me the most was something that I heard from My teacher,and my best friend "Its amazing how a T-shirt can make somebody look so much better" Which was strange..yet true.Well the day was strangly great! not a bad class all day.Until Lunch: I got news from a friend....That really pissed me off. Its just funny...How you can try your hardest...At everything you do.And you can try to help out people...And then that person can just forget about you so fast and Move on like nothing ever happened.And they would never be there without out. But to add the cherry on top: That person can just Take the carpet out from under your feet.And steal that too. Leaving you behind.And how they take whats rightfully your's.And what you have worked so hard for.Just to be Slapped in the face and humiliated.It really makes me wonder why I even give a fuck in this world even more.And why I dont just end it.Why?5th period came: I lost 50 points. Suprise Homework checkThe one day I dont do my homework. I get punished for it.6th period came: Quiz. 50 points. All I could think about was what happened at Lunch.And that Knife sitting in my kitchen.That could it all.Just one easy swipe.And Its over.My pain my sorrow.My fears. I just put a face on...And tried to do what "Richard would do" nd what "Richard would say" ...And I guess....I worked...because nobody at lunch or after school suspected a thing. Even though, I sometimes get that thought in my head...Why dont I just end it...Its because of something that was proven to me today. Even with all those bad comments..There were more good ones...And If I were to be so selfish....I would be hurting so many more people.Hurting myslef is one thing....But hurting somebody else....thats different. So I say thanks.For keeping me here. For being the reason. Thanks for giving a damn. And for myself. Im going to try to give it my all.....still.Just as soon as I can reach that Knife in my back.Latez.~Rich

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Drumline Championships [11 May 2004|10:48pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Hey everybody,Sunday was a good day.We went to Drumline championships...And put an end to this years Drumline record.If you didn't know, our show was titled the "The Traffic Machine" We performed and it was by far, our worst performance ever.Well Almost Worst.I think "brookhurst" still has the title...*shivers*...Anyways we havenever done so bad...We were all just humiliated. =/ We were sat down later on and were talked/yelled at by Mr. Belski. thanx Mr B.! Really? I didn't know that we messed up! gee thanx. Maybe you should cuss at us a lil' more and then it wil make the situation better. *Roll's Eyes*. Well the time came for awards. Overall we got 3rd place out of 9 schools! wow. Congrats to us! And we also got High Pit! WOW! Congrats to me! lol. That was definiatly a shocker. Well the day turned out good. As I talked to Bree And listened to A Static Lullaby On the lonely busride home.
If you don't know, our field show for next year is going to be The Pirates of The Carribean. *Points and laughs histarically at Ellen* :-) .Its cool. I'm glad we actually have a cool show this year, instead of that Beautiful Maria Shit.lol Well I g2g. I'm gonna try to fall asleep even though the Insomiac feelings can't be broken. Seriously, In the past week I havent slept anymore than 20 hours. Well Latez.~Rich

(I love this song)

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[06 May 2004|09:47pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Hey Everybody. Sorry I havent been On...Ive have been soooo busy. I guess I'll just skip all the stuff that has happened and just start with what heppened Wednesday and Today. Well Lets start with Yesterday. it was a very slow day at school...VERY slow. So Me and Jurl had been thinking about The New Ride, "tower Of Terror" At Disney's California Adventure.So I ended up "ditching" to go to Disneyland.And It was a tough desiscion let me tell you!! ;-) So I went with Jurl, Micheal Atkins, And Justin Money. And  Mike got us in for free Because His Grandpa was like Best friends with  Walt Disney So he can get anybody in for free anytime. Well We started off By going to Tower and terror.wow. There were SO MANY radio ststions it was crazy. Eventually I was on TV and was interviewed by a couple radio stations. Let me tell you this. The Ride is like anything else. It was Amazing. It was like Star Tours, The Haunted Mansion, Roger Rabbit, And supreme scream. It was crazy. It was ACTUALLY SCARY. (unlike the haunted mansion)  They used alot of crazy effects. The younger people were crying there eyes out, The older people were Hyperventalating, And everybody was screaming their heads off. It was crazy! My rating: *****. They paid SOO much attention to detail. It was just..................yes you guessed it........crazy. Well The rest of the day I cut lines,Stole food , Broke more rules than I can think of, And got 2 people fired. (LMAO don't ask.)...It was a great day. Well moving onto today.

WE had our Final's for swim. It was soo much fun. But I was too tired. I eventually got 6th place in my 100 Free, 3rd in My 400 Freelay, And 7th In my 200 Free. Which Is absolutly crazy. If you can imagine championships and all those people. I got the top ten in all my events. And this is my first year ever in swim. Most people that Have been doing swim didnt even do that well...Not to brag or anything.lol.Well It was alot of fun. But Now... I mst return to the stressed out life that I hate. I have a HUGE project thats due tomarrow. I need to start tonite. (And it took everybody else 2 months to do it. I can do it overnite! ) Procrastinatingly good! Well Latez.~Rich

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A truly sad story. [27 Apr 2004|10:04pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Well damn with yall'.If I would have said that It was my arm that was broken...You could all care less. hmph. lol Im jk.Thanks for the comments...so yeah she's doing okay.they thought that she broke her shoulder...But then they thought that she only hurt it kinda badly.So her arm is in a sling and She's not doing any work.And its bugging her SO much.So yeah she's getting the pamper treatment.And she's hating it.lol. Well on other news.
I was freaked out because of my CPR/Unconcious choking/Rescue Breathing test today at Lifeguarding.I was freaking out. I was SO nervous.And when I went in i started to freak out. I was seriously started sweating and I started to forget everything. It was horrible. But over all I passed the test. In fact, The Instructor said that I did better than mostly everybody else. Which was cool. So after I finished I just chilled,relaxed,whiped off the sweat,And talked to Cindy.She's so cool.I think that I get along with her more than anybody else there. Like the first day of class she was the only girl in the class...so she asked me to be a girl for the day.lmao.good times good times. Our personality's click perfectly.So it's really cool. WE talked about her X-bf.And it was rally sad.they were engaged.The day before he was talking to her and told her "If I were to ever die...you need to move on okay?" And she said okay. Then the next day He was killed in a car crash.And she had to move on.Cause she promised him. (How Ironic though.The very next day)And we were just talking forever.She's definiatly the kind of chick I would date.She's so mature and yet funny at the same time. lol. But she's in college.lol.Hey, I would never go out with her anyways.My heart feels better when's it not broken.*sigh*.Well Big swim meet tomarrow.Our final League meet.Hope I do good.Latez.~Rich

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[26 Apr 2004|10:04pm]
[ mood | full ]

Hey everybody.I wore my Baby Blue Dickies And my Tight yellow Quiksilver shirt, And my Black Cobian Sandles today.Damn I looked good. ((Which explains the sudden heat wave you all felt. ;-) )) But damn it seriously its HOT! And Im in swim. Actually today i didn't go because of the 2-4-6 Schedule thing.And They had a 2 hour practice during school.So Hell.And Coach told me to get in cause I still didn't do anything.But I kinda wanted to...But then again I didn't ...It was hot..And I'm getting flabby (because of the long 2-day weekend!!) And I didn't wanna get in just because I had my speedo's in my pocket and I wasn't about to walk all the way over to the locker room to change....(which was 5 feet away.Lmao) So i just told coach that I would just get in at water polo and that would be like my Swim practice and Water polo practice all in one.But then mi abuela had an accident and she had to go to the hospital.So I got all wrapped up in that and Missed polo. I think she doing fine.All she went in to do was to get some X-Rays' because she fell onto her shoulder.Hope she gets better.Well Sorry I haven't been on for a while. I have a life...(not really...but shhhh...Nobody knows. ;-) ) And beacuse I am FREAKED OUT because I have my CPR,Rescue breathing test and Choking test TOMARROW!!!...*sigh* My head is going to explode....and THAT is not sexy! well Latez.~$

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